Sunday, May 31, 2009

Long weekend!

With four of our volunteers off to La Fortuna to enjoy good food, drinks, and entertainment, the remaining had a couple of daytrips. A trip into Tortuguero means no one leaves without having at least one brownie.

The group also enjoyed a great futbol match between Manchester United and Barcelona, which left a few disappointed faces as Barcelona, won 2-0. The next day would sadly be our beloved Lizzie McCready’s last day but it wouldn’t go without fun. The group enjoyed a game of volleyball or really a long game of fetch; they ate bountiful foods, enjoyed cocktails by DEs pool, and played vicious games of chicken. After countless victories, Rich and Wing finally dethroned Jack and Megan.

This day would also mark the eve of Vicky Copeland’s 30th birthday, which would be celebrated the following day with more drinks, and one of Jack’s super delightful yummy cakes. Hooray!! Happy Birthday Vicky! Xoxo from Caño Palma!