Thursday, May 7, 2009

They ain’t no margay tracks ya’ll

During this weeks Mammal Transect training, the enthusiastic volunteers took a trek upon the station’s Raphia Trail, in search of some tracks to practice there newly obtained skills, and it didn’t take long until they pounced upon some big feline tracks.

The jag tracks were spotted just some 100 metres from base, which brought home how into the wild they really were, provoking remarks that could have sounded like this…

“Seeing those majestic beast tracks was like painting with all the colours of the wind”

“Have you ever seen a wolf cry to the blue corn moon? It’s kind of like seeing jag tracks in mud”

“I’ve travelled the world and the seven seas, but who am I to disagree, that sweet dreams aren’t made of these, I mean, everybody’s looking for something, and we were looking for jag tracks”

The team were so stimulated by the experience that they are currently in the early stages of writing a short musical based on the event, taking lyrical motivation from there moving comments, watch this space…