Friday, May 15, 2009

The best blooming BBQ ever by the Bear Hug Phase

Birds, jaguars and turtles are certainly things you would associate with the station, but neanderthals and cross dressers? It could only mean one thing: Fancy Dress BBQ, which has become a cult like event at base, with volunteers and staff ever striving to break new boundaries with their costume designs. Multiple delightful dishes of grub were crammed onto the kitchen table, including the obvious BBQ chicken, pasta salad, fruit salad, guacamole, marshmallows, oreo cake and much more.

Slowly the kitchen became filled with cavemen and women, multiple birds including toucans, a purple gallinule, sungrebe and a summer tanager. The animal invasion didn’t end there, a green turtle came face to face with an elusive jaguar, and indians were greeted by a pair or cross dressers! Cultural differences were put aside though and all present enjoyed their feast together to a party soundtrack. The talented Brandi Berchard performed a humorous yet touching piece of self-written poetry, all about the happenings of the last five weeks, which brought laughter and tears.

So as the night went on, the dance floor increased in size, and people couldn’t control their feet. The anthems of the night primarily came from the years 1990 to 1994, courtesy of the Cody Glasbrenner iPod, and of course Wegue Wegue was a floor filler. Once again the BBQ Fancy Dress shindig lived up to expectations, and the station already looks forward to the end of phase jamboree.