Friday, May 1, 2009

Hasta luego...

Sadly for the team in Costa Rica, Diogo will be leaving base very soon to return to his native Portugal, before jetting off to India for a project he has out there and nipping over to China to attend the Society for Conservation Biology conference in July, before beginning his PhD in the UK in September.

We say “leaving base” rather than just leaving, because Diogo has vowed to remain faithful to GVI Costa Rica after his departure. Together with organising a partnership for our Incidentals study through a NGO he is part of - The Arc Foundation – Diogo will continue working with the expedition as a Research Associate to complete work already begun and continue to spread the word of GVI Costa Rica.

Whilst he will be sorely missed at the station, both professionally and personally, for his endless drive & passion, we all wish him well in his pursuit of the “happy action front” and look forward to working with him in the future.

And what about Sara Calçada? GVI Costa Rica staff member, Master of Conservation Biology, expedition bookkeeper and head of sales, boat captain, talented wildlife photographer, double project manager for the Jaguar Predation of Marine Turtles study and the Camera Trapping study, a demon at cards and a bloody great friend – it may be easier to say what Sara hasn’t done for the expedition in the last year; the answer to which would be: not a lot!

Unfortunately for us, Sara returned home to Portugal in April to be with her family and leaving some very big (and green) shoes to fill. Keen to maintain the relationship Sara has built with us at GVI Costa Rica, she will be continuing to work with the staff after she arrives home to help develop the projects and expedition she has given her heart and soul to for the past year.

Goodbye? We’d rather say hasta luego…

So keen are we to keep Sara with us that we are trying to entice her back before she’s even left. Watch this space to see if the Iberian lynx can keep her satisfied or if she yearns once more for trees full of her favourite spider monkeys and our 24-hour biological station…