Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Bag a leatherback

10 week volunteer Louise Bloxham has certainly been an unfortunate nightwalker, with not one worked leatherback under her belt. Nevertheless, she has never once complained, and always kept her chin up, perhaps because she has witnessed a jaguar on Tortuguero Beach, and a hawksbill on Playa Norte.

However, her fortunes with the enormous reptile were due to change. Just like any other PM1, assembled of the British line up of Jack, Louise and Rachel, they got underway with one intention, bag a leatherback. Amongst the many logs that resemble turtles, or their tracks, eventually at mile 1 and 6/8th the team stumbled across a solitary track travelling up the beach.

Jack checked it out and delivered the good news. The team were naturally delighted, Louise especially, but she kept her head on a swivel, and that’s what you have to do when you find yourself amongst a giant nesting marine turtle. The team were victorious in their efforts in retrieving the eggs to relocate, as well as with the handling of the tourists who were observing the special event. Team “England” finished their relocation, and brought it in for a group hug.

Team “England” would like to dedicate their work to their Queen and Country...