Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A most fancy BBQ

It couldn’t have been a better day for a BBQ: the sun was shining and spirits were high. A big applause goes out to Tara O’Sullivan who helped organize the BBQ once again and Jack Roper who manned the grill, as well as everyone who helped prepare the fine meal.

There were many great costumes and good fun and laughs were had. The top costume went to Cody who was the top boat in Vista al Mar’s fleet, Scarlet. There was also fun to be had watching a LumberJack and an Oompa-Loompa treated to a live show from Dolly Parton.

By the way, the food was great. There was sausage that made your taste buds sweat, BBQ chicken that you could get so full on and make you go right to sleep, and did someone say Oreo cake and doughnuts ya’ll! Mmmmmm!


Mom said...

Hey Ems! Is that you on the right in the costume pic? And you thought the food might be kind of dicey?! Looks like a great crew (hi everyone!)! Sounds like you're having an awesome experience now that you,ve learned your birds... lol. mom