Sunday, April 29, 2012

Jags... Camera... Action!

 And this week in Jag news…

The arrival of 4 new jag cameras has created a great wave of excitement amongst the Jalova community. The new cameras made their debut appearance when a fresh kill made by one of our elusive jags, was discovered about a mile from base. The unfortunate victim… another green turtle. Staff member and jag-whisperer Benji was quick to react. After rounding up several eager volunteers, namely Tegan, Flora, and Natalie, the team was soon armed with 2 cameras and ready for action. Several bushwhacking machete swings, lock fumbling and mosquito squishing minutes later and the cameras were ready for action.

Alex strikes a pose

After a couple of days, it was camera retrieval time. The retrieval team, once again led by Benji, consisted of the just as eager Robyn, Joel and myself. We were filled with high hopes that a Jag had indeed been captured on camera when it was discovered that the victim had been dragged away from the original site. Back at base the pictures were downloaded with much anticipation….the result- we had hit gold…not only one but three separate Jags were successfully identified!

Mario at the kill

After flicking through the first awkward shots of the set up teams crotch areas, we were thankfully soon greeted by a crystal clear photo of a large male Jag taken a mere 30 minutes after the set up team had vacated the kill site! The male, complete with new battle scars adorning his large cranium, was identified as Alex a jag that has previously been captured on camera. Alex, being the gentleman he is, was even kind enough to strike an epic pose for the camera! Next to arrive on the scene was Mario, who was unfortunately was not as accommodating as Alex, and was responsible for dragging the turtle away from the cameras. Molly was the last to be captured having her fair share of the kill after letting the boys do all the dirty work.

So the new cams have turned out to be a great success and hopefully there’ll be many more amazing camera moments to come….stay tuned to find out!

-Kim, 6 month Intern