Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sports day in El Cocal

This past week the children spent quality time participating in the sports program. Friday we organized a big day for just sports at the school. There were various games and activities that we prepared the night before. Dizzy baseball was a popular game among the kids; there were two lines, each kid  had to run to a certain point, pick up a bat and put their heads on it, spin 5 times, attempt to hit a ball and then run back to their line.

The kids really enjoyed this game and shared a lot of laughs with the volunteers. Throughout the day the kids and volunteers really seemed to be enjoying themselves as well as bonding with the kids and other volunteers. I thought this was one of the most fun and rewarding days so far.   We have also been carrying out with our football tournaments with the grade 4´s, 5´s and  6´s. The kids are really improving their passing skills, and ball control. It has been so much fun playing sports with the kids; you can tell they really enjoy it. And in this heat, it’s definitely a very good work out for the kids and volunteers alike! 
Laura Martino- Quepos Volunteer