Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New Neighbour

On an ordinary afternoon at Jalova Base, an eager group of staff and volunteers went for a quiet walk amongst coconut palms to identify some birds. Not long after they departed, binoculars focused on the tree tops, one volunteer whose binoculars were instead focused at ground level, let out a loud yell to the leader, that a snake had been spotted.

The leader rushed over, expecting the worst, when he saw a large Boa Constrictor sunning itself on a log nearby.  With everyone creeping quietly closer to get a better look, people left on base were gathered and rushed out with cameras in hand and fantastic photos were taken.  After posing for a few minutes, the 2 meter Boa proceeded to enter a small hole in the ground at the base of the log.  Everyone watched on in awe that this large snake slithered into what looked like a crab hole. 

A week later, the Boa was once again found sunbaking in the same spot and after re-entering the same hole, confirmed the suspicion that Jalova does in fact have a new neighbour!

-Trish and Joel, Volunteers