Thursday, April 12, 2012

El Cocal get recycling...

Along with the support of the teachers, we organised an assembly at school to teach the children from the community the importance of recycling. In Costa Rica we are surrounded by beautiful landscapes. From the GVI house we have a splendid view of the sea and an abundance of trees, flowers and wildlife. Each day whilst we wait for the bus we look out a breathtaking view of mountains. 

It would thus be impossible for us not to have strong feelings towards keeping Costa Rica beautiful. We don't want the water to be contaminated, for wildlife to suffer because of our rubbish nor do we want our views ruined by landfills. 
So, we held a recycling activity at the school for grades 1-3. 

We focused on 3 key factors: 

1 reducir- reduce what you use

2 reusar- reuse plastic bags etc...

3 reciclar- recycle what you don't need. 

We built 3 recycling bins out of wood. One for cans, one for plastic and one for paper. Our resident artist Kristin drew posters to illustrate the use of the bins. 

With MC Caitlin at the helm we described the importance of recycling and then to emphasise our message we put on a short pantomime.  It displayed how easy it is to recycle and what to put in which bin. 

The children were thoroughly pleased and couldn't wait to sort through the recycling we'd brought with us and put it in the correct receptors. 

We hope that bit by bit El Cocal will be a recycling community!

Helena- Quepos Community Program Intern