Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Waterfall Escapades: Survival of the Fittest

The intrepid volunteers set out to discover a waterfall within walking distance late on Sunday morning. Losing each other in their desires for morning coffee, the two groups had very different experiences. The braver of the groups went directly to the waterfall by following a stream for about one hour and enjoyed the scenic surrounds of the Manuel Antonio rainforest. They descended down rocks using a rope and reached the base of the waterfall. Here they enjoyed the cooling shade of the trees and the entertaining wildlife. They explored the surrounds and fell into an unintentional swim. 

The other group, perhaps rendered paranoid by their caffeine consumption barely trusted the trail, let alone the first rusty bridge they encountered. After a mere few minutes in the heart of nature and surrounded by threatening monkeys, this group declared the waterfall an unachievable goal and muttering ‘I don’t like nature’ turned back to the safety of civilization. Perhaps most embarrassing was the declared solution of covering their heads with towels to protect against monkey attack. Both groups finished the day relaxing by local pools and feeling pleased with their respective escapades.

Quepos Volunteer - Caitlin