Friday, April 27, 2012

An ode to GVI Quepos....

The Twelve Dyas of GVI
(sing each verse in the tune of 12 days of Christmas)
By: Laura, Caitlin and Kristin

On the 1st day of GVI the staff said to me “you need a mosquito net to sleep”
On the 2nd day of GVI Nuri said to me “if you swim against the rip tide you will drown”
On the 3rd day of GVI we all complained again “this hill will be the end of me”
On the 4th day of GVI a kinder said to me, “poiple, bue, y gween. Mas crayolas please”
On the 5th day of GVI the intern said to me “dios mio, I think that dog has fleas”
On the 6th day of GVI los ninos said to me “quiero pintar, no queiro estudiar, and yo queiro some agua please.”
On the 7th day of GVI my roommate said to me ”I need to hand wash my clothes because they are smelly”
On the 8th day of GVI the boat captain said to me “spread your weight so we don’t capsize”  
On the 9th day of GVI the teacher said to me “it’s too hot for a sports activity”
On the 10th day of GVI the surfer said to me “pura vida, chica surfing, buenas olas hoy ”
On the 11th day of GVI the cook said to me “for a change let’s have some rice and beans”
On the 12th day of GVI the volunteers agreed, we are just one great big family…

P.S. Please note that his song was written late at night after a long and hot day to the sound of hysterical times in the GVI volunteer house:)

Laura,Caitlin and Kristin- Quepos volunteers



Anonymous said...

I love that guys!!!! Nuri