Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My first week in Quepos....

My first week in Quepos has been very intense but in a good way!

The day after I arrived we went to the “festival de los papalotes” a kite festival they hold every year on the beach  in El Cocal where the school is situated. People had come from Quepos and the local towns and  had made their own kites, thy were very impressive. There was a competition based on size and design and also how high they can fly. It was a great opportunity to see the community where we´ll be working from now on and also to meet the locals and some of the kids. The money that the kite festival raised is to go towards improvements to the school in El Cocal. 

It was such a fun and happy day people were dancing on the beach which was hard to believe because the sand was so hot it was burning are feet through the flipflops.We stopped by  Eneida´s house, the lady who cooks our lunch in El Cocal every day. She has a big family and they are very nice. They introduced me to their little parraquet which sat on my finger.

This week we have had Spanish lessons everyday and it’s so fun. The teachers are very funny and we learn a lot from them. Carlos, one of the teachers, took us to a supermarket to teach us what the food is called in Spanish. Yesterday he took us to a beach close to the marina and it was so beautiful there. He told us about the red tide and we did some excercises while we felt the breeze from the sea.
When we are not in our Spanish lessons we are over at the community. We have also had introductions in the school and met the teachers and also we have now met most of the children who are very cute. I’m excited about next week when we will start to work.
After school and before Spanish homework, I’ve been to the beach almost every day and I really love it. I’m sure I’m going spend a lot of time there when we are free. The water is very nice, almost too warm and the waves are perfect for surfing.
So far I really like Quepos and everything that comes with it!           

Louise -Quepos Volunteer