Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Goodbye Rich!

Jalova base recently bid a very fond farewell to base manager Rich. The most longstanding member of the team here at Jalova, Rich has been a linchpin of our operations during that time. We are certainly going to feel his absence and have been wondering what it’s going to be like without Rich, the guy that knows how everything here works!

Rich first came to work for GVI Costa Rica in April 2008 as a volunteer at the previous Tortuguero base at Caño Palma. He ended up staying for 9 months as an Intern. Following a 10 month spell back home in the UK, Rich returned to Costa Rica as a GVI staff member and by April 2010 had assumed his most recent role as field coordinator.

Rich with spoons 

Upon his return to the UK, Rich will be resuming his studies, going to London to study for a Masters degree in Geographical Information Systems.

We are certainly going to miss you Rich, and Jalova will never be the same again without your excellent bread-baking skills, your impressive rubik’s cube technique and not to mention your infectious laugh. Everyone here would like to wish you the best of luck, both in your studies and in your return to the real world!

In the meantime, base operations here will be left in the capable hands of James, Rich’s replacement as field coordinator for Jalova.