Monday, May 7, 2012

Jalova Olympics

 We are proud to bring you the results of the first ever Jalova Olympics…

There was sweat (a lot of sweat), there was pain (not so much pain), there were tears (but probably more hysterical laughter) and then there was glory, sweet, sweet glory.

Egg & Spoon race gets underway

The hard-fought games comprised a number of heroic events including the welly-throw, melon-pip spitting, paper-plane relay and egg-and-spoon race, not to mention the mysterious super-leg-strap-crab-barrow race finale. Competition was stiff, and many savage battles were fought, but ultimately the victors would emerge triumphant whilst their vanquished rivals were left with nothing but the bitter taste of defeat.

Katia gives it some welly

A chaotic frenzy of paper-folding skills saw Alex’s team take an early lead as the games commenced with the paper-plane relay. Joel powered into first place on the coconut shot-put and Benji defied gravity to triumph in the long-jump. Blakely swiftly dispatched all competition in the ping-pong event. Ben stormed to victory in the 60-metre dash. The action really was non-ceasing. Leo/Loraine’s team staged a valiant comeback, winning the final two events, the volleyball and the leg-strap-crab-barrow race. But it was all too little too late and Benji’s team held on to their top spot in what turned out to be a close finish between all four teams.

So after an energetic , hilarious and very enjoyable afternoon, the emergent champions of the first ever Jalova Olympic Games are Benji, Blakely, Rachel, Tegan and Claire. Many congratulations!!