Sunday, May 13, 2012

Art hour at El Cocal

At the community centre in El Cocal we have put in place a special art hour. We have it from 11.00 to 12.00. We run it over lunch so that all the kids have a chance to join in.

The arty members of our group are fantastic at coming up with lots of ideas for the children for art hour.  Especially Tai who has taken charge of Art hour. The volunteer in charge of art will then make an example to show the children what they should be making. We use various materials and recycle lots of cardboard. The creations are very inventive.

We have had lots of activities. One of the favourites was Castle and house making day. We used cardboard boxes to make the structure of the castles and houses. The children cut doors and windows into the boxes and for the castles, turrets were cut out on top. The castles and houses were then painted. One kid from kinder, Angel, then got inside his and wore it as a top!

Building things is great for the children to practice and improve  their hand –eye coordination. Painting the castles is also a great way to let the children express themselves.

Another art activity consisted of putting up two posters, one white and one black. Representing night and day. The children drew things you would find in either a day or night scene, decorated them and cut them out and glued the drawings to the posters. We had variations of houses, trees, aliens, stars and rockets.

The children love art and can´t wait for art hour. It is such a good opportunity for the children to explore their arty side.