Friday, October 9, 2009

Without them our projects simply couldn’t happen, so a big thank you and welcome to all: Sam, Anja, Russell, Leonie, Tracy, Dave, Jen, Molly, Laura, Helen, Allie, Tom, Alvaro, Brandon and Tucker.

As ever, the first week of phase has been full of frantic activity: study and tests for the volunteers, while the staff take care of camp duty and cover the surveys. With the first exams out of the way, all the new recruits will soon be out on survey - good news for them and for the staff who have been wearing out their crocs during interphase.

Thursday night saw the first volunteer night walk, with Rich P leading Leonie, Brandon and Allie. Leonie commented “The turtle tracks were easier to see than I expected, and the walking better at night: crocs and socks are perfect!” With only a half moon to see, Allie and Brandon agreed the spectacular lightning that night went some way to making up for the lack of records.