Friday, October 30, 2009

Jaguar symposium at the Meso Conference

This year's conference included a day of special presentations and workshops entitled Felid status, ecology and conservation in Mesoamerica, hosted by Howard Quigley for Panthera.

The talks brought people from all around the world, presenting their work from throughout Latin America. Country Director, David Aneurin Jones, accepted the invitation to attend on behalf of GVI Costa Rica and was able to take notes on everything from camera-trapping to the use of felid latrines - right through to information on proposed biological corridors to aid in the conservation of species, with jaguars used as the flagship umbrella species to push the plans forward.

With an upcoming talk in Denver, Colorado next month, Dave was keen to make some contacts and get some feedback on the work GVI Costa Rica is doing with Jaguars in Tortuguero National Park (TNP). After talking to some participants after one of the sessions, Dave was invited to lunch by Roberto Salom of Panthera and John Polisar of WCS to discuss the unique situation with jaguars in TNP and the potential for collaborations in the future.

Que bueno!