Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Conservation for Everyone, Everyone for Conservation

The new volunteers have all arrived from all over the world, safe and well to the biological station in the heart of the Caribbean coastal rainforest. It seems that career development is becoming an increasing concern in the current economic climate, since we have been lucky enough to receive 12 volunteers who will be staying with us at least 10 weeks!

Learn more about GVI Costa Rica and the training our new recruits will be receiving here

They have already mixed there classroom lectures with a morning census on the beach to search for signs of marine turtles big and small and taken some time to spot some of the areas wildlife, including two of our three monkey species, a crocodile, iguanas and countless birds!

Alvaro Gomez (pictured) has also joined us for 10-weeks as part of the National Scholarship Program (NSP). Alvaro has lived in the area all his life and has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share - unfortunately he's never been able to capitalise on the ecotourism of the area as he doesn't speak English. Lucky for him Jess (also pictured) has just returned from two-weeks of Spanish lessons as part of her internship with us! Alvaro will be receiving some immersion into the English language while learning a huge array of research techniques and information on the biology and conservation of his homeland. Que bueno!