Saturday, October 10, 2009

Forest Flurry

It was long sleeves, wellies and insect repellent for our volunteers on Tuesday, for a trip down the Raphia Trail to get some camera practice in.

They got to grips with cables, sensors and batteries - no doubt taking a few expert shots up their noses along the way - whilst also experiencing the forest for the first time. They heard Mealy Parrots, saw woodpeckers and strawberry poison dart frogs.

More importantly, as jaguar prints were seen in the forest around base the same morning (at A28 on the trail), perhaps the jag cams project will produce its first shots of the elusive Panthera onca when the volunteers go to collect their cameras in the next few days. We’re keeping next week’s front page free just in case....

Sarah instructs Russell, Leonie, Tracy & Jen.