Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Poster Presentations at the Meso

The poster session is taking place at 14:00 (local time) today. Wish you were here? Get closer to the action by checking out the GVI Costa Rica offerings at this year's annual congress.

Ecotourism overflow: local implications of restrictive conservation management
Sarah Durose, David Aneurin Jones and Rebeca Chaverri

The aquatic avifauna of Tortuguero: the findings of GVI Costa Rica, 2007-2009
Richard Bull, Stephanny Arroyo Arce, David Aneurin Jones and Rebeca Chaverri

Priceless monitoring without cost: the significance of incidental detection of species to conservation efforts
David Aneurin Jones, D.Verissimo & R.Chaverri

Posters designed by GVI Costa Rica and Theropod Design



Dom G said...

These presentations look interesting. Are they available in full anywhere?

GVI Costa Rica said...

I'm uploading the full size posters to the blog now - look for the link on the left-hand side

Dom G said...

Excellent - thanks.