Thursday, November 1, 2012

Time to Say Goodbye

You meet few people in this world who can create a long lasting impact in only a short period of time. Nearly two weeks ago field staff, Michelle Clanahan left Jalova. 
Michelle came to base in August as an 8-week volunteer. We were incredibly lucky to have her for that time, luckier still for her to spend an additional month with us as a member of staff. 
Her impact was seen on base with the whirlwind of much needed maintenance around camp that she blew through with, but it was her impact on the people here fortunate enough to meet her that will leave a permanent mark.

All aspects that go in to working on the research projects here to the daily living in a remote location, Michelle performed with full effort and a warm heart. Never a complaint would you hear. 
Her great spirit even shined through with the food she prepared for us – all with love. Sitting down to her meals brought home comforts to our limited kitchen. Michelle, why didn’t I cook with you? I missed this time to spend with her, to learn some of her cooking tricks and to hear more of her fantastic life stories. Funny, sad, crazy stories she had them all, and with many of her stories and experiences it felt like she imparted some of her wisdom on to you.

Michelle making sure we´re all fed

Goodbyes are a constant here; people cannot live in the jungle forever and you have to learn to move on. However, some goodbyes are said with more difficulty. It is safe to say that this was an especially difficult goodbye. Michelle, you are missed. Thank you for all that you brought to us, delicious food included, with no expectations. When it is time for us all to leave, we will return home with added richness from you. We all wish the best for you.

- Robyn, Field Staff



Michelle said...

i had the time of my life at Jalova ... not only because I was able to participate in the great work that is being done there, but mostly because of the wonderful, fun, enthusiastic, crazy and just great people working there. Every day was an adventure shared with the best people with so much laughter. Jalova gave me so so much. I miss it every day. Thank you for everything!! Thank you for having me!!

Michelle Clanahan said...

I keep trying to post a comment ... but it doesn´t seem to be working :-( ....
what i´ve been trying to say is ...
it is me who should be saying thank you ..
i had the time of my life at Jalova .. memories that will be treasured and carried with me always. The time was precious not only because i was able to contribute a little to the great work that is being done there, and share in the wonder of that beautiful place, but more importantly because it was a time shared with some of the best ever people ... the fun, energetic, enthusiastic, laughing, kind, generous wonderful wonderful staff at Jalova - they make the expedition what it is. I was truly privileged to be there with them .. and all the other volunteers i shared my time with. Thank you Jalova! Thank you for having me .......