Monday, November 12, 2012

Excursion Time!

Hey fans!

We have had an amazing weekend in Chirripo Mountain, which is the highest mountain in Costa Rica. We stayed at the most amazing hostel so far. It was surrounded by the beautiful rain forest, equipped with rock beds and lovely owners. The hostel is placed on the way up to the top of the mountain, far from the nearest tiny little village San Gerardo. Our alarms rang early and woke us up to the lovliest porridge breakfast we've had since we came to Costa Rica. It contained almonds and raisins. Fueled with the amazing power booster porridge we started our hike up the mountain. On the way we saw monkeys, butterflies, wizards, squirrels and a Pomba pig. Our muscles were sore!


After returning from the beautiful hike with awesome views from above the clouds we decided to go fishing trout. We went to a little man who had a little wife who lived in a little house who had lots of little fish. We fished our own lunch, which the little wife cooked for us. It was everything we could've hoped for. We spent our relaxed evening in the hostel with the one other guest the hostel had at the moment. We went to bed early to wake up the next morning to go for another mind blowing hike through the jungle, over rivers and passing waterfalls. We stepped on the bus back to Quepos, exhausted but happy with our weekend, excited to get back to our house in Manuel Antonio.

See you,
Helena and Melinda.
Mirate hacia adentro y encontraras cada uno de los ingredientes para el exito. -Water Fernandez C.