Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween in Quepos!

When you grow up living in the US, there is a certain excitement that comes around every October as you await the 31st… Halloween; arguably the best holiday ever. Costumes are prepared, candy bought, spider webs are intertwined with orange and black paper rings and hung to decorate the house, scary stories are told, and pumpkins are carved. Letting go of such an important holiday and all of its incredible traditions was not an option for us here in Quepos. We were determined to do Halloween to the best of our ability, whether the country had pumpkins or not!  So, after the candy corn and assorted treats were demolished, we set to work. 

First order of business? Carving pumpkins… or Costa Rica style… carving watermelons! We experimented for hours with our makeshift pumpkins, carving all kinds of faces and designs. 

And then it was time for the final touches. Here in Quepos, we did Halloween in style as we donned costumes and painted faces. Some scary, some silly, and some just plain outrageous. 

We are all so blessed to be in Costa Rica, but let´s face it, there are some things from your childhood that you can never let go of!