Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The cub with no name….

So we set off on the Jag Cam survey , the sun was rising and it was set to be a beautiful, clear day. Little did we know what was in store!  After walking about a mile down the beach I saw Rachel grinning profusely and almost dancing - she thinks she’s seen a Jag!  
We pick our spot along the shoreline and sure enough we see a Jaguar coming out of the bushes to a fresh turtle kill! It was magnificent! 
It then disappeared and after another wait and no reappearance we set up a camera to see what the night would bring. 
We decided not to tell anyone until afternoon brief – a feat easier said than done, no-one had seen a Jaguar in the flesh since July! 
The next day, checking the camera was icing on the cake – we had our first video footage of Molly’s cub! We knew it was out there but now we had our own recording! 

A snapshot from the video of Molly with her cub

It makes me wonder whether it was Molly we had seen the previous day and her cub was only metres away in the bushes – how close we had come!
Now we just have to think of a name…

- Ruth,  2 month volunteer