Thursday, November 15, 2012

All smiles :)

So….umm wow!!! That alone is the beginning to my description to this trip. Some people may be nervous to come on a trip in a different country for two months.- Somehow I didn't find myself nervous at all. It was even more comforting to see my name as soon as I stepped out of the Costa Rican airport and end up playing cards all night with the people you are about to spend the next two months with. Once we got to Quepos we sat down to "the best pizza in town"….aka what everyone says that eats this pizza- (it also is the slogan). We had our quick debrief there and just the next day we were off on our way to start the many projects in our work place of El Cocal. It is interesting to see the many needs that not only the kids need but also the adults. I find it very interesting to find the areas of the kids lives where the need help and provide that help for them, however it is a test of my patience, in the end it is incredibly rewarding to see them light up when they see you, or leave the community center with a smile on their face.

I have greatly enjoyed getting to know everyone in the house and learning about their nationalities and backgrounds. All the accents are funny when we all congregate.
More coming soon!!