Wednesday, March 21, 2012

English classes in the school

Due to the local English teacher leaving, the kids of El Cocal were going to be left without English lessons in school, one of the fundamental subjects here in Costa Rica, without a good knowledge of English it is very difficult to get into the better high school and into university here in Costa Rica and get the better jobs in the future. Knowing that it would probably be a while until the teacher is replaced, GVI offered to take the classes ourselves.
It has been a bit of challenge (it seems the kids aren’t used to paying attention in English class). But it has been a great experience! We have been doing it for 2 weeks now and you can already see the difference in the kids- they are much more confident with speaking English and are much more engaged with the classes. It has been particularly useful with the older grades that really see the importance of learning English and are taking advantage of having so many native English speakers around.
So far we have been working on the body parts, colours, days of the week and months with the little ones and working on some verbs, introductions and invitations with the older ones. The kids and the volunteers both really look forward to the lessons!  

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