Friday, March 9, 2012

The creepy crawleys of Quepos and Manuel Antonio.

We community volunteers and staff are not quite so daring compared to our GVI counterparts in the jungle when it comes to bugs, insects and other weird small animals. We often hear what is going on in Jalova and get a bit frightened by the intensity of the bugs.

On a daily basis I hear the volunteers screaming and running around due to a new bug they discovered in their apartment. It started out with extremely oversized moths- I mean HUGE! Then the vast amount of geckos was a surprise but most of us have come to love the geckos as they eat the big scary moths and mosquitoes.
There was also the stick bug that attached itself to Miriam’s mosquito net (see pic above)- it stayed there for about a week until we realized it was stuck on a bit of tape.
Then there are the giant spiders, these are quite frequent so may volunteers grow accustomed to them but they are still pretty creepy.

We have also had something that was described to me as a creepy dragon bug- kind of like a praying mantis but on steroids- it kept flying around the shower and wreaking havoc for a day or so.
However, the worst are the cockroaches- unavoidable in tropical Costa Rica, we were most disappointed when we found a bread maker but then looked inside and noticed a family of cockroaches had made it their home…. one of our brave souls finally got the courage to clean it out so finally we have fresh bread:)

So... I think we will leave the bugs to the Jalova lot, give us a bunch of screaming kids instead.

Patrick- Community Field Staff