Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Calle 13 and la Festival Internacional del Arte in San Jose

Every year there is a huge international art festival here in San Jose, Costa Rica. It is full of street artists, workshops, theatre, concerts and a lot more.
This year Calle 13 inaugurated the event last Friday night. If you haven’t heard of Calle 13 they are a huge Latino regaton band from Puerto Rico. They are very popular in all of Latin America and in other parts of the world too and are known for their politically controversial lyrics.
Valentina, one of our newest volunteers has a passion for regaton so her and a few other vols went off to San Jose for the weekend to see  them.
It was a huge concert in La Sabana, one of the biggest parks in San Jose, the atmosphere was amazing, so many people in a beautiful park, full of tall trees and great music. We all had a lot of fun!  There were over 30 000 people there which made quite the change from Quepos (population of 14 000). But after a few days in the hectic city of San Jose we were ready to head back to a more tranquil and calm Quepos and Manuel Antonio. 

Quepos Field Staff and Volunteers