Sunday, June 19, 2011

Visiting GVI Quepos

The volunteer house is great, set back from the main road, on top of a hill, with a balcony overlooking the fabulous ocean view in the distance. A short bus ride takes you to the surfers paradise of Manuel Antonio, or into busy Quepos town. With ample spare time, there is plenty to keep occupied. Even better the proximity of the beach means that briefings can be held outside, preceded by a quick dip in the sea to cool off, if you can handle the waves.

The community projects are on El Cocal island, reached by a relaxed boat ride. Luckily there is no hurry, this is Costa Rica after all... Everyone on the island is friendly, young or old, and the children LOVE to draw!

Lunch is provided by Eneyda next door to the community centre, and it is, without fail, delicious. I seem to be eating incredibly well.

I am only visiting for 10 days and realise I won't be able to pack in all the places I wish to visit in the area, or know enough of the community before I have to leave. However I have met some wonderful people, eaten some amazing food and tested the surf (with just a little success...) and I hope I shall be able to return for some more "Pura Vida'' one day soon.

Michelle Georgia Ward