Wednesday, June 8, 2011

First 30 days in Quepos

The first group of volunteers of this new community program in Quepos, Costa Rica, just left some days ago and so the house seems to be much emptier now.

From the feedbacks they left we realize how challenging it can be to start a project for a group of volunteers who didn’t have a lot of prior experience in community work. At times there was frustration with the hard work involved to give birth to a community project, but at the same time they were happy to see those efforts bearing fruit. Their hard work contributed greatly to giving the possibility of improving the lives of an entire village. Day to day work has been hard for them to be due to many factors such as the hot weather, the cultural barrier, the language, the local lifestyle ... but they have left knowing that every minute and drop of sweat lost side by side with fellow volunteers and local people and children from El Cocal, is a step closer to a better quality of life for a population that has decided to fight for their wellness.

There have been smiles, tears, emotions, words of support, encouragement and love that have led to over a month without a doubt an experience that has marked their lives and will surely be a turning point in the future.

I hope these guys continue their walk with heads held high because thanks to them our work in Quepos GVI took safe steps forward towards the horizon with hope and enthusiasm.

Thanks guys!

S.C. & N.M. Staff