Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fitting a month in Quepos into just a few paragraphs..!

So… I’ve almost been in Costa Rica now for a month and this morning we were graced with the most colossal downpour… oh and hey it has just started up again! Rainy season is definitely in FULL swing! Anywho what could have turned out to be a day of drowned spirits was soon changed by our morning fixes of treaty coffees and chocolates at Milagros! The coffee is good but a bad day is always a good day as soon as you hit class where the kids will boot any dull mood out of you!

Since being part of the community development project here in Quepos I’ve been super lucky to see so much change! The first week was a massive push to get the community centre open, regenerating it from a ramshackle building into a hub of activity (thanks massively to the guys who deep cleaned!!!) where the kids all love to come hang out with their friends, all of us and actually learn too! What more could you want! After the GVI mural, and a few other creative touches were finished the house was starting to look like a real community centre, all we needed was the buzz that the gleaming kids of El Cocal would bring… So here the FIESTA began… the kids came in their troops, danced, skipped, bowled, pinned the tongue on the iguana, and here the Centre became the community’s! The whole day was a huge success so us volunteers continued the celebrations with a few sun downers watching over the Pacific Ocean and the whales… or rocks (depending on your imagination!)

After my first week of Spanish lessons and painting in the community centre my next task was tutoring one to one the happiest little lads in the WORLD, Derek! Everyday with Derek is a whole host of giggles and games… all educational of course! If a lesson isn’t fun though Derek will definitely let you know, I’ve gotten through a whole lot of lesson plans in the last three weeks! But Sophie’s discovery of a sand timer was an absolute godsend! A timed challenge and to have Neil and I as his contenders always proves to work well! And somehow he always wins… GOOOOO Derek!

 Vicky, future Quepos intern! (current 2 month volunteer :) )