Saturday, October 13, 2012

Double trouble...

Northern Tamandua 

It was a wet and gloomy 6am so we weren’t expecting to see anything particularly exciting on our biological assessment survey along South Trail.
For the first half of the survey all we saw was slender anoles - these guys crop up everywhere! 
It began to rain heavier so cameras went away and coats came on. Just then, out of the vegetation at the side of the trail, emerged a Northern Tamandua. The cute tan and black little anteater saw us and ran off down the path a little way.
To our surprise another one popped out of the vegetation shortly after. It came up and sniffed my boots, then went over to Michelle and sniffed her! We must have smelt ´less human´ after two weeks living in the jungle!

Totally unperturbed, it then went off to forage in the vegetation and climb some trees, balancing on the smallest of branches in search of termites nests.

 Snuffling for tasty termites

These little guys looked to be juveniles and aren´t often seen near base. We just had enough time to get the cameras out and get a few shots. It was a priviledge to see not one but two so close in their natural habitat.

-  Jo, 1 month volunteer