Thursday, December 29, 2011

The world according to Imer

Imer, a 6 year old boy is one of our regular attendees at the GVI community centre. He never stops talking and is always a favourite of the volunteers due to his vivid and wild imagination. He tends to see the world slightly differently then the other kids and loves telling volunteers certain “facts” according to the world of Imer. 
 Here are some facts he has informed us of:
1. Glitter is bad for your heart. While most of the kids go crazy over glitter and will use as much of it as possible, Imer avoids using it too much, when asked why, he frankly told us it was bad for your heart.
2. Last week, Imer shocked us with the sad news that Santa Claus was dead. Mrs. Claus was alive and well but sad to have lost her husband. Thankfully Imer made her a Christmas card to cheer her up.
3. You always have to bring an umbrella to the Cinema….. no explanation given.
4. The moon is made of cheese. He is very certain of this, he then told us how much he liked cheese but that he would never eat the moon as other wise the sky would be too dark at night.

Imer’s stories always put a smile on everyones face in the centre. Sadly he is moving to Nicaragua in the new year, he will be sorely missed by his classmates and the volunteers.

P.S If any of you are familiar with the TV show 'Modern Family', Manny Delgado is Imer in a couple of years time...