Wednesday, December 7, 2011

GVI Charitable Trust: Assist the Rangers of Tortuguero National Park

GVI has been working with the rangers in Tortuguero National Park for coming up to 2 years now. During this time we have seen what a positive impact the patrols of the rangers can have on the habitat of the forest and the beach. During the turtle seasons the rangers regularly stop poaching activity of the nests and the sight of handcuffed poachers at the rangers station is one that we will never grow tired of.

For this reason we are pleased to announce that GVI Jalova has recently launched a charitable trust page to raise extra funds for the National Park Rangers. We aim to provide the resources to boost the number of patrols and, in turn, help protect the animals that call the National Park home.

In the coming year the park ranger’s budget will be cut, yet the cost of fuel continues to rise. Combine this with the fact that rangers have to pay for their food whilst working and you can see that many of the patrols will come under threat in 2012.

To donate money to this cause or to simply find out more information about this project and the many others that GVI Charitable Trust looks to support, visit: