Saturday, September 4, 2010

Plans for the beach clean event with the Parismina Community

Preparations are in full swing for the first community event held by GVI Costa Rica for the children of Parismina a small community just to the South of Tortuguero National Park. Field Staff Marta Fabregas has spearheaded the organisation of a beach clean with the assistance of interns Lauren Hallett, Karen Black, Deanna Ferguson and Sonja Kovacev.
This week took the team to the school in Parismina to present the plans to both the children and parents. They spoke about the importance of recycling and waste management to the environment and the local turtle population. Karen and Lauren were both impressed by the reaction that they got from the group of 4-7 year olds they worked with.

Presenting to the kids, in Spanish, they introduced recycling plastic and how plastic bags can affect sea turtles.

Afterwards they played games to show how to separate rubbish correctly into the appropriate recycling groups. Fun was had by all, even if that did mean being attacked by over enthusiastic children!
Their efforts have also been spent raising support from local businesses so that we can successfully hold the community event on the GVI expedition base in the Southern extent of the national park. Interest has been high and so we look forward to the last week of phase when we welcome the Parismina School to our base for what will no doubt be a very constructive and educational day.