Friday, September 24, 2010


Our incidentals project keeps going from strength to strength. New species are added at an amazing rate, especially now that we are hitting the peak of migration for a lot of the swallow and warbler species. Our species list was driven along this phase by some healthy inter-staff competition (see Tico vs Brit for more information) and also our ever inquisitive Biological BTEC-ers looking to add to their identification list.
This phase has brought many new milestones, some of which almost passed us by in the rush of species that we have seen!
Since the project’s inception we have now made over 10,000 records! For those interested that’s actually 10262 sightings averaging about 42 records per day. The lucky 10,000th record was a Black-cheeked Woodpecker (Melanerpes pucherani) which was spotted in the garden of Jalova base.
On top of these we have had our 200th different bird species (a Short-tailed Kite [Buteo brachyurus] which doesn’t really have a noticeably short tail) and our 50th reptile species (a Neotropical Chameleon [Polychrus gutturosus]). This brings our total number of species for the Jalova area to 301, the Orange-chinned Parakeet bringing us across the 300 milestone.
Phase 103 included sightings of 248 different species in the study area, hopefully we will be able to add to this with more migratory species to come in 104.