Saturday, September 4, 2010

Camera Trapping Trials

The end of phase has seen the arrival of new camera traps. Eager to get out in the field and test them, several teams have ventured to the North and South boundary trails to what kind of results these cameras can achieve.
Before we can unleash the ‘Gobblecams’ in the Jalova area in conjunction with our new camera trapping protocol, we have to get to know the cameras and how they work. This lead to our intrepid teams venturing out to place the cameras on known animal trails. In the past we have had results capturing mammals, but these haven’t been all that frequent.It was to our pleasant surprise that in the first week of usage we have captured photos of mammals and birds in close proximity to base. The cameras from the North Boundary trail returned photos of 2 Great Curassow chasing each other through the forest. This was topped by the closer South Boundary Trail where an agouti (top photo) and an opossum (bottom photo) paid a visit to the site. Despite the rear views of the mammals, we are very pleased with the results.

So here’s to a positive outlook for GVI camera trapping in Tortuguero National Park!