Saturday, September 18, 2010

Community Beach Clean

Wednesday of the last week of phase saw around 45 children descend on base to take part in the first beach clean organised at Jalova. The children from Parismina School, accompanied by teachers and parents, were aged from 4-16 years old and were all eager to get their hands dirty on the beach.

Due to the extreme organisational prowess of staff member Marta Fabregas and Interns Karen Black and Lauren Hallett, the event was very well coordinated. Depending on the age of the children, kids were allocated a section of the beach to clean with 2 volunteers. This left the youngest out the front of base and the older teenagers as far afield as mile 15 6/8. Therefore we accomplished cleaning on 2 miles of beach!

In the weeks leading up to the clean, Marta had been accompanied to the school with a cohort of GVI volunteers. There she presented on the need to recycle and keep the rivers and beaches clean. This message was carried through to this Wednesdays activities where we separated the rubbish into bags of plastics, glasses and aluminium. Unfortunately we also had to have a section for unrecyclable rubbish, but it was all in the course of making our beach cleaner and more turtle friendly.

Upon return to base from their cleaning activities, the participants were treated to lunch including sandwiches, pancakes and a veritable smorgasbord of fruit, which had been kindly donated by neighbouring resorts and hotels of the park. All the volunteers joined forces to entertain the children with painting games and activities on the beach. It is fair to say that all had a great day and we are particularly excited about the reaction amongst the children.

We have to thank all the local businesses who contributed to making the day such a success. Without whom the logistics would not have been possible.
Muchas Gracias!


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Good Job !!
Sergi .