Thursday, September 16, 2010

Great job everybody! End of 103 Roundup

Friday saw us bring to an end the third phase of 2010. It’s been a great 10 weeks with the most volunteers that we have ever had. A lot of helping hands that collected a lot of great data!

Despite the usual hectic of the last week of this phase, we still managed to complete the summaries of all the work that we have achieved since the beginning of July. We will post these summaries over the next weeks on this blog! Also we have completed the most BTEC qualifications ever for our program and seen many people develop as a consequence of their learning.
Not only have our projects and base benefitted from the time every one has spent on developing them, but our main program partner MINAE have also been very happy with our presence at mile 17 5/8. They report a drop in the levels of poaching activity in the area this phase, which can only benefit the marine turtle populations of the area. We too are also pleased to see the constant and increased presence of park rangers patrolling the beach. We won’t grow tired of hearing their stories of the poachers they have caught further in the national park.
We bid a sad farewell to our Tico staff member Andres, whose boundless energy and enthusiasm for the area will be sorely missed. Ruth, who has been great during her 6 month stay on base as an intern on our rainforest conservation internship program, will also be moving on. We do welcome Ian as a new field staff, previously an expedition leader in India/Nepal, and also Arno and Sonja will be gracing us with their presence and hard work for another 10 weeks of phase for their internship placement.

We'll be back, see you in October for the beginning of Phase 104!