Saturday, May 28, 2011

Training soccer at El Cocal

When I arrived in El Cocal as a 4 week volunteer, the project was just beginning. Getting the kids to the field was quiet a struggle. It was a long process and took more than a week after meeting with the team captain to get a single kid to practice. It was frustrating at first but it’s nice to see our work paying off. Now we run soccer practice three times a week and get a pretty regular turn out. This week was mostly spent trying to gain the players and most importantly the captain’s trust. We spent the first week keeping practice fun and casual and still mostly run by their captain. (photo: volunteer and part of the soccer team in El Cocal)

Tomorrow promises to be an exciting day because are going to start doing the first drills with the kids. Coming up with a drill to start them off on was a bit of a challenge because of the lack of equipment in the school. As a team collectively we have two balls and the rest of the equipment is improvised. We use coconuts as cones but I guess that’s just a little bit of Costa Rican flare! We are planning to start it off with a simple fun drill.