Thursday, May 19, 2011

Quepos community projects gone Live!

It is hard to believe that the first three weeks with our first volunteers have come and gone, working in the school in El Cocal. Athough the rainy season supposedly began in our first week here, days have been incredibly hot and sunny. While we have never been so sweaty at nine in the morning, it never keeps us from chasing the kindergardeners or playing soccer with the boys at recess. The school is situated right on the beach which means we are covered in sand all over by the time school is done for the day. Despite the sweat and caked on dirt, we're having a blast.

After walking down the huge hill from our house in Manuel Antonio, catching the bus to Quepos, crossing the bridge and heading down a dirt road, we plop in our seats on the small boat with Diego, the captain and enjoy the few moments of breeze on the way over the community.

Mornings are spent in the classroom with the kindergardeners and English classes with Oscar, before eating in the comedor, or cafeteria with all of the kids. With art projects, lessons, and the first soccer practice with the boys team at school, we're exited to be working with such awesome children and very pleased to be here for the start of the community project.