Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Like Pigs in Muck!

Incidentals walks are continuing to surprise volunteers and staff as new and exciting re­cords are spotted to add to our database.

“Today has been the best day ever,” said intern at 10am on Tuesday morning. “I’ve already seen two sloths, an oriole snake, a slaty tailed trogon, per­egrine falcon, crocodile, black throated trogon and a green-and-rufous kingfisher. And more!”

After returning from a forest exploration walk, new arriv­als James and Kyle calmly men­tioned the herd of white lipped peccary that had traversed the trail ahead of them.

“James asked me if it was a rare sight­ing. I said we’d have to wait until we got back to find out,” said newbie Kyle. With no current GVI sightings of either species of peccary it was decided that, yes, it was a pretty rare sighting - and the 40-odd individuals made it all the more exciting.