Sunday, March 14, 2010

GVI Costa Rica Facebook - You are the difference

In a post on the GVI Costa Rica facebook page on Thursday I asked if we could try to get from our highest even number of fans (127) up to 150 before April...and that if we did I would give you all a special treat. Well, in just three days we hit that target! Amazing! So here we go, THANK YOU!!! to:

Alex Tivenan, Jack Roper, Julie Jackson, Tara O'Sullivan, Hannah Dudley, Felisa Macaspac-Lami, Diogo Verissimo, Heather Colterman, Andres Brenes Vargas, Anna Deasey, Lizzie McCready, Tucker Smith, Pedro Correa de Sampaio, Louisa Yates, Louise Bloxham, Cody Glasbrenner, Tom Parsons, Mario Garcia Quesada, Joe Keating, Jacqueline Rodgers, Dez Dino, Gareth Jones, Megan Lieb, Rita de Castro, Amelia Batho, Rhiannon Milne, Kirstie Puskas, Emily Lancaster-Vine, Sam Hopes, Lara Dixon, Nava Fedaeff, Kelsey B, William Prideaux-Brune, Catherine Baker, Alice Estrela, Rhiannon Harrington, Katie May, Molly Clifford, Emma Baker, Katie Mascovich, Sarah Shotwell, Tiffanie K Rainville, Kate Tucker, Tony Deacon, Jessica Greenland, Aysha Hamisi, Megan Cronkite, Vicky Copeland, Marjolein Groot Nibbelink, Richard Christopher Bull, Lisa Stasio, Lauren Alyssa Hallett, Kyle Carl Prevatt, Chris Styranka, Laura Prideaux-Brune, Wing Tsui, Susanne Brunner, Linn Holm, Holly Hansen, Haley Neddermann, Emily Credit, Andi Johnson Lippincott, Rachel Miller, Alvaro Opazo, Claudia Baxter, Morgan Lisa, Jen Archer, Marc G Rainville, Sara Calcada, Molly Swailes, Kevin Jones, Allison Antonson, Kim Morgan, Ollos del Burnellio, Amanda Meehan, Brian Lami, Lowri Elen Davies, Karen Black, Theresa Visser, Allie Coad, Noelle D, Devendri Pilla, Cassandra Sheona Abboy, Charlie Cage, Wendy Erikson, Princess Swashbuckler Jacobs, Rita Lucia, Val Merrick, John Erikson, Suzy Carter Erikson, Judy Erikson, Levi Cagel, Gabrielle Busch, Madeline Busch, Stuart Mott, Andrea Erikson, Reena Nobeen, Bill Valaika, Sam Devine-Turner, Haley Forbes, Richard Phillips, Natalie Dening, Adam P Hejnowicz, Adrienne Pierre, Melissa Errington, Olivia Couchman, Darcy McNicholl, Alex Page, Maria Victoria Sarmiento, Johannah Reed, Ines Cebola, Lydia Meyer, Zahra Mohamedhbai, Brooke McIntyre, Ashley Haskins, Fran Vargas, Deanna Ferguson, Yeo Ur Lee, Megan Houghton, Tim Houghton, Erika Zivic, Victoria Houghton, Caitlin Houghton, Bethany Houghton, Maria Paula Blanca Vega, Natasha Lopez, Neil Finnie, Adam Schifter, Steph Grodeska, Ashley Carrera, Arianna Schambach, Dan Sylvester, Natalie Alvarez, Matt Gannon, Rolly Calbo, Dan MF Jarvis, Heather Bohn, Erica Muller, Michael Larson, Caroline Holderfield, Elvida Garcia, Dee Barca, Ryan Fantasia, Shaylynn Devin, Christoffel Stok, Lucia Galean Gordon, Gooseberry Pimplebottom, Grace Ann Shotwell, Blair Rogers, Debbie Cobb

(and that's not copy/pasted, that's hand typed! Apologies for any typos.)

150 facebook fans! You can become a fan of GVI Costa Rica at the bottom of this blog. We are now heading into the final week of our first phase at our new base in Tortuguero National Park. Here's some highlights:


It begins

Five week highlights

Jag vs Leatherback

Pigs in Muck!

Out and About

Stay tuned for the best photos from the phase and more news from the field this week.

Lets set a new goal - 250 fans before April 5th. If we can hit that I will do a special post with news, photos and videos!