Saturday, December 15, 2012

When two tribes go to war…

Red Team vs Green Team

It’s fairly safe to say that for the majority of the time, the inhabitants of Jalova base live in relative harmony but on one Friday afternoon war was declared! 
The cause of this conflict was the Jalova Olympics and the instigator, an evil genius named Chris. He divided the happy peoples of Jalova into opposing tribes. I was lucky enough to find myself on the side of the brains behind the operation, the red team.  Chris directed us to take down the green team by any means necessary.

Evil genius, Chris, measuring the coconut throw

So we put on our war paint, limbered up and prepared ourselves for the fight. 
For hours we battled, throwing coconuts and wellies to prove our strength, racing along the beach to show our speed and throwing hoops over bottles to display our (lack of) agility and precision. 

Wheel-barrow and three-legged racing

All the while we heckled and harassed the green team hoping to break them but they gave as good as they got. They stood strong and never gave in. 
By the end however, it was clear who the winners were. With a leader like Chris, of course the red team won which just goes to show, good does not always triumph over evil. Mwah hahaha!

- Sarah, Field Staff