Tuesday, December 4, 2012

David´s Adventure thus far

I have had the pleasure of volunteering on the GVI Quepos project for two weeks now. This has consisted of teaching English at the local schools we help out and helping out at the community centre GVI set up in one of the under-privileged communities, El Cocal. It is very rewarding to see the students engaging with the lessons we have planned and deriving benefit from them. The community centre has become a focal point in El Cocal, as we have been able to provide a safe and educational environment for kids of all ages to come and play games, arts and crafts and sports. There is never a dull moment there and there have been smiles aplenty from both the kids and volunteers. We have provided some of the local El Cocal adults with free English lessons too. This has a really positive financial knock-on effect for the community as one of their main incomes is tourism.

We have ample opportunities to practice and improve our Spanish and the teachers GVI use are fantastic. 

All in all, it has been a very rewarding and personally satisfying investment of my time and energy. If you are the type of person who believes you get out of life what you put in then I would strongly recommend that you dive in with both feet and sign up for a GVI project. Come with an open mind and heart and a willingness to learn and you will thoroughly enjoy it.