Monday, February 27, 2012

Valentines Day love bugs!

February 14th was Valentines day or El Dia de San Valentin here in Costa Rica. So we planned to make an array of Valentines day themed art projects. 
Emily, Allison and I were all very excited because the kids love doing art, especially painting “ Quiero pintar” is something we hear on a daily basis. We knew they would love paitning and decorating valentines days cards and love bugs.  We used lots of coloured paper and of course, lots of glitter. Geiner, as always arrived first and was very keen to make a card for his mum.  

Then more kids came and spread the word we were making valentines day cards and love bugs and before we knew the community centre, the kids, and ourselves were completely  covered in glitter.  A couple of the kids exchanged cards…. Ahh young love, how sweet. I gave my card to a 3rd grader, Jafet, who was very excited and seemed touched to receive a valentine, however he left it on the boat so maybe he found another valentine?:(
The love bugs were fun to make as well, I think me and the other volunteers had more fun then the kids making them. Things got a bit competitive but Patrick, one of the field staff triumphed with his silver and gold love bug.

It was a great day and lots of fun!  

Courtney - Quepos Volunteer