Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Patrick, one of our staff members in Quepos decided to bring back some lego from Canada when he went home for Christmas. Lego is outrageously exspensive in Costa Rica so thankfully his nephew happily donated a massive bag of lego to the kids of El Cocal.

Who could have predicted a 'lego' craze would sweep through El has been crazy popular. It is probably the only toy that can keep any kid occupied for hours on end. The amount of spaceships, boats, aeroplanes and animals that have been made is astounding. It is great for the kids to let their imagination run wild. They have also been great for the kinder kids who are still working on hand eye coordination.  

Three weeks later and the lego craze is still going on. One kid even came up to the Community Centre asking “Are you the people with the lego?”

Long Live Lego!
Community Program Staff- Quepos