Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Titillating Turtle Experience

There are some experiences in life that can touch you in an indescribable way that nothing else does. Moments that sculpt and define you and make you realize more about life than you could in the span of a year. For me turtle night walks is one of those instances. Being next to the ocean at night with sea turtles is an incredible sensation. It doesn’t matter whether there’s blazing lightening or pouring rain or moonlight bathing the waves in silver; each time is uniquely wonderful. I know turtles aren’t dangerous creatures but the first time I came near one of the big greens I was overwhelmed by their quiet power. They have an aura of timelessness and tranquility, of sureness and sweetness that I have never seen in another creature before. Sitting in the sand next to one is like sitting next to a friend that you’ve known forever but haven’t seen for a very, very long time. My favorite part of any night walk is egg counting. When you’re shimmied down on your stomach next to a laying turtle, time disappears. My arms and legs and feet simply vanish and I can’t even feel the sand underneath me anymore. The only thing that exists is the turtle, the smoothness of her carapace and her low sighs and the feel of her eggs sliding past my palms. Experiencing in the rawest way, the birth of new life makes me feel what I already know. That disagreements and money and objects are only fleeting, surface things. That the shifting tides and the endless ebb and flow of life is what matters most.

Danielle Voisin