Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Helping Hand

Phase 113 keeps on going with cool surprises on surveys! Nest check a couple of days ago, on a windy morning of the 15th, had us (Tim, James, Jussi and Stefan) going about with the usual routines while we were interrupted by suspicious rustling behind palm leaves. This dubious noise turned out to be a poor turtle mom, apparently a green, up and about a bit late considering it was already around 8 in the morning, stuck in her body pit and exhausted as darn. After going WHOA and AWW and taking pictures, we decided to help her up from the ditch, since she obviously had already done most of the disguising and seemed dead-tired. What caught our attention, though, was her small size, funny colouring (orange-ish) and most of all the way she started moving towards the ocean – she was a hawksbill!! Flapping one flipper at a time this lady made her hard journey to the waves while we stood there grinning like idiots and taking pictures, at least until the batteries ran out. What a nice nest check, especially since for some of us it was the first ever!

Hawksbill (photo by Jussi)

-Jussi, James, Stefan and Tim